Located near the Adriatic coast in the middle of Italy’s Emilia Romagna region, the Republic of San Marino is the oldest republic in Europe, tracing its origins to the early days of the Roman Empire. San Marino is also the smallest independent republic in the world with a current population of approximately 32,000 people. The country was founded in A.D. 301 by a stone mason named Marinus (later Saint Marino). He fled to Mont Titano, now the tiny country’s capital, in order to escape persecution by the Romans. From the very beginning, the country based its government on the basic principals of democracy and has maintained its independence for centuries. In 1861, San Marino’s democracy and individual freedom inspired Abraham Lincoln to write the Captains Regent (heads of state) saying, “Although your dominion is small, nevertheless your state is one of the most honored throughout history.”

The metropolitan Detroit area is home to one of the largest groups of Sammarinese citizens outside of San Marino. In 1938, a group of Sammarinese formed the San Marino Social Club to promote camaraderie and brotherhood among the area’s new immigrants. In 1976, the San Marino Social Club moved from Detroit to its present location in Troy.

Built to resemble the castles seated atop Mont Titano, the San Marino Club of Troy is the areas most unique and recognizable building. However, the distinctions aren’t just on the outside. Many members of the San Marino Social Club are expert craftsmen and have donated their time and skills within the castle walls to create three truly majestic banquet halls. Beginning with the massive skylight that floods the lobby with natural light, right down to the beautifully tiled powder room floors and all the gorgeous wood paneling and coffered ceilings in-between, no detail was overlooked. The San Marino Club reflects in every way the grandeur and beauty of the country of which it’s named after. The Sammarinese are hard-working, creative and prideful in their heritage, and would like to share their culture with everyone, which is why the doors to the San Marino Club have always been open to the public. San Marino is not just a place, but also a way of life. The San Marino Club invites you to come live with us. Celebrate with us.