Renovations Complete at the San Marino Club

From refinished woodwork to remodeled restrooms, The San Marino Club is looking grand!

Here at the San Marino Club, we regularly take action to keep our facility up-to-date and looking elegant. Recently, we underwent renovations in all three of our banquet rooms, our lobby and all of our restrooms. This round of projects began with the complete remodeling of our lavatories. Walls were moved to create more area and a more sensible flow of movement throughout the spaces. Brand new fixtures were installed, walls were painted and some draped in gorgeous new wallpaper adding beautiful colors and patterns and the rooms were adorned with various furnishings and wall art. Also, the ladies rest area was staged with new furniture and a lavish comfortable seating area. The renovations continued with the refinishing of all the wood work throughout the entire building. All casings, moldings, trim, spindles and every other bit of wood has now been re-colored giving the San Marino Club a luxurious new look. Other various updates and improvements were made as well, including hand-crafted ceiling embellishments showcasing the already exquisite chandeliers. We believe all of the changes we have made these past few months enhance the character and ambiance of our facility and will do an exceedingly good job of showcasing your wedding or other special event. Pictures of the updates can be found in our photo gallery. And, we encourage you to join us on FaceBook and let us know what you think of our recent improvements.